• 10 Best Speedwrite Alternatives: Top AI WritingTools Like Speedwrite

For marketing professionals, especially those working in digital media, much of their efforts are spent on generating fresh and exciting content for blogs, articles, product descriptions, etc.

Fortunately, many AI writing tools have been developed in recent years to make this work faster and more streamlined of which Speedwrite is one of the more well-known. But there are other AI writers to take into account and we have put together a list of the top 10 Speedwrite alternatives for you to consider.

  1. HIX.AI: An alternative to Speed Write for generating fresh and unique content

  2. Jasper: A website like Speedwrite for rewriting and improving content

  3. ClickUp: Best purpose-built content creator and rewriter

  4. Simplified: Best for writing and rewriting marketing materials

What is Speedwrite (and Why Do People Like It)?

Speedwrite is an automatic text generator that can assist in rephrasing and rewriting your content, allowing you to reuse it under different circumstances while still maintaining a fresh, original tone. It's a relatively simple tool that has garnered popularity due to its user-friendly interface. To utilize it, simply enter the text and hit the 'Predict' key. Speed Write will then paraphrase and rewrite the content, producing a new essay, article, or blog within seconds.

However, the tool does present certain restrictions. Its capabilities largely center around modifying existing text, rather than generating new content from a set of keywords. Additionally, it offers limited customization features such as tone of voice or style adjustments and lacks specific templates for particular use scenarios like ad copy or blog posts.

As a rudimentary text generator, Speedwrite performs adequately. Nevertheless, there are other AI tools available that boast more features and enhanced power compared to Speedwrite. So, let's explore the top 10 alternatives to Speedwrite.

HIX.AI - An alternative to Speed Write for generating fresh and unique content


HIX.AI is an all-in-one AI writing copilot and an alternative to Speedwrite, with powerful paraphrasing capabilities and much more. HIX.AI offers over 120 AI writing tools that can rewrite long or short-form content in seconds, and can also generate original text from scratch.

The HIX.AI tool for the closest comparison to Speedwrite is the HIX Article Rewriter, which has a similarly user-friendly interface but with added features. To generate a fresh version of your content you copy/paste it into the input area. You can choose the target audience, tone of voice, and language – HIX.AI is supported in over 50 languages – then click the Generate button to create rewritten text. If not completely happy with that version, click Generate again for more versions.

Featured on Toolify, HIX.AI ensures that the generated content will pass any plagiarism checker by rewording and restructuring the text for originality and uniqueness, with smart synonyms and alternative phrases that still retain the original meaning.


  • High-quality, accurately rewritten content

  • Multilingual support

  • Generates original content from scratch

  • Free plan with monthly limit


  • Not suited to bulk rewriting 

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Jasper - A website like Speedwrite for rewriting and improving content


As a website like Speedwrite, Jasper doesn’t just rewrite content it can also generate content from scratch. It can also rewrite content selectively, and its Focus mode allows you to highlight particular sentences and paragraphs you want to rephrase while keeping the original intent. This allows you to introduce new keywords into the content for better SEO.

If you decide to make the content longer, Jasper has a Sentence Expander that will lengthen the text while keeping it engaging.

If you want to rewrite and rephrase the complete text, Jasper’s Content Improver can rewrite the whole article, generating unique and original-sounding versions, plagiarism-free.

Jasper’s key strengths are not just in rewriting articles and blog posts, but also in ad copy, social media posts, and product descriptions.

Jasper also supports over 25 different languages so that articles can be rewritten in other languages for the international market.


  • Can rewrite text selectively and lengthen the content

  • Rephrasing whole articles and also writing from scratch

  • Supports over 25 languages


  • Extra charge for plagiarism detector

  • Output can require manual editing 

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ClickUp - Best purpose-built content creator and rewrite


ClickUp is an advanced AI project management platform that enables teams around the globe to work together to create content. The main writing assistant is ClickUp.AI, which breaks through writer's block and rewrites quality content.

Although the main dashboard screen for ClickUp seems complicated, the interface for ClickUp.AI is simpler, with a text input box and an AI toolbar with several customizable features.

This includes an Editing feature to correct any mistakes in spelling or grammar. The tool can also shorten or lengthen the text, and also continue writing the content where the original ends. ClickUp.AI can also summarize the content or rewrite it in a simpler version and can generate prompts and keywords to create new content or regenerate existing content to make it more engaging.

While Speedwrite is a simple rewriting tool, ClickUp.AI is a more multi-faceted writing assistant with quality rewriting, editing, and customizing options.


  • Multiple editing and customizing options

  • Rewrites high-quality content

  • Free version


  • The user interface can appear complicated for new users

  • Need to sign up for an account to use the free version

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Simplified - Best for writing and rewriting marketing materials


Simplified is designed primarily as a suite of marketing tools for writing, publishing, video editing, and graphic design. Its Rewriter is a great alternative to Speedwrite, and it focuses on producing high-quality ad copy, starting with a text generator that creates SEO-driven original copy from scratch.

Simplified can then improve or rewrite the content for different use cases such as descriptions, web content, marketing materials, or Facebook and Instagram captions.

The content rewriter can optimize the copy for readability and uniqueness while retaining the original meaning and being able to pass any plagiarism checker. The rewriter also features a sentence expander and an AI paragraph generator.

In addition to writing and rewriting ad copy, Simplified can generate long-form content for blogs, articles, and even complete books.

To use Simplified, you can copy the content into the input box, complete the prompt with the type of writing you want (ad copy, blog post, etc.), select a tone of voice and output language, and then just click Generate to see the rewritten text in seconds.

Writers can use Simplified to help them brainstorm and get over writer’s block, and generate text that can be customized to their style and purpose.


  • Generates and rewrites ad copy and web content

  • Good for long-form content

  • Fully customizable output


  • Some features have a limited number of characters

  • No free version – can be expensive

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Rytr - Best all-in-one writing platform supporting different use cases


In contrast to Speedwrite’s simple rewriting tool, Rytr does more than just paraphrase and create new content from existing text.

Rytr features a large selection of text editing tools, blog writing tools, and a creative writing tool to help you find new ideas for your writing, making Rytr a popular tool for content writers, marketers, and students. Supported in over 30 different languages, Rytr has more than 20 different tones of voices you can select from, allowing you to customize the output.

Ryter can also write in long-form text, fully SEO optimized. It also features a built-in writing assistant to check for grammar errors etc., and a built-in plagiarism checker.

Rytr has an excellent Chrome extension so you can use it with tools like Instagram, Word, Google Docs, and on emails and chatting tools.

Rytr has templates for over 20 different use cases, and while it can produce high-quality rephrased text within seconds, it can also generate new and original content from prompts and keywords to suit every purpose.


  • Supports more types of content than Speedrite

  • Built-in grammar and plagiarism checkers

  • Excellent Chrome extension


  • The free version has a limit of around 1,000 words a month

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Copy.AI - Best short-form content creator


Copy.AI, as the name suggests, is primarily AI software for generating ad copy, mostly in short forms such as social media posts, Facebook and Instagram captions, brief product descriptions, Google ads and email subject lines.

The main difference with Speedwrite is that Copy.AI can do more than just paraphrase existing text. It can create content using your prompts, keywords, and key phrases, and can be used for over 90 different types of content in more than 25 different languages, making it one of the more versatile Speedwrite alternatives available.

Fully customizable, Copy.AI allows users to create their unique brand voice which can be saved for future content creation.

Although most of Copy.AI’s templates are aimed at marketing professionals, they can also be used by individuals for personal reasons. For example, there is a template for writing marriage vows, and the multi-language feature can be used to message friends in various languages.


  • Wide range of writing templates

  • Best for short-form content

  • Can customize Tone of Voice to suit the brand


  • Free plan limited to 1 user a month

  • Output requires fact-checking

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Writesonic - Best for generating SEO-ready content


Writesonic is a popular text rewriter and content generator aimed specifically at marketing needs, with the capability to process a 1500-word article in minutes. In terms of generating new content, Writesonic can create the title, introduction, outline, and conclusion, making it a perfect Speedwrite alternative. Writesonic can also generate ad copy for Google and social media platforms such as Facebook and Linkedin. It can create SEO-ready and plagiarism-free content and is integrated with Surfer SEO so that the output is automatically keyword-optimized.

In rewriting mode, it features an Expand tool which can turn one sentence into a whole paragraph, and a Shorten tool which does the complete opposite, Among other features, there is a product description generator, text to to-image generator, and a paraphrasing tool.

Writesonic is designed as an AI copywriting tool, powered by GPT-4 and supported in 24 languages.


  • Paraphrasing tool improves on original content

  • Summarizer for long-form articles

  • Free version: 10,000 when opening an account, 2500 words monthly free


  • Text may require grammar-checking

  • May not have access to up-to-date information

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Copysmith - Best for generating marketing copy in seconds


Copysmith is another AI marketing copy generator, mostly notable for its speed of production. Utilizing GPT-3 technology Copysmith can generate high-quality copy based on user prompts within seconds.

Like Speedwrite it has a content rewriter which can rewrite complete texts but can also allow users to select smaller parts of the text to be rewritten.

In terms of creating copy from scratch, Copysmith provides a range of templates for uses such as product descriptions, social media, emails, letters, and sales copy.

Copysmith features a specific Blog Post generator that can quickly create a complete blog post from a small amount of input information.

There is a built-in plagiarism checker to ensure that all created and rewritten content is fresh and unique, although there is a monthly limit on this.

Copysmith’s AI technology is fast and efficient, producing accurate and correct copy most of the time, although human-proofing is still required to revise keywords and descriptions to improve the output.


  • Rewrite the whole content or just selected parts

  • Extremely fast text creation

  • Range of handy templates


  • Copy often requires human editing

  • Plagiarism checker limited

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Outwrite - Best for improvements to writing style


Although Outwrite can be classed as a Speedwrite alternative, its main aim is not rewriting content just to produce different versions for different use cases. Outwrite is designed to assist writers in making sure that their content is as high-quality as possible, by checking, rewriting, and restructuring words, sentences, and paragraphs, and suggesting ways to make the writing clear and concise.

In this way, Outwrite has functionally more in common with Grammarly although Outwrite’s focus is on style and tone rather than on fixing errors. Of course, Outwrite can spot and correct spelling and grammar mistakes, but it will also look for ways to rephrase or restructure sentences to suit your target audience, with stronger synonyms that help to improve your vocabulary.

You can change the length or style of sentences and paragraphs, and find better ways to reword, rephrase, or restructure the text, and substitute weak words and phrases for better alternatives.


  • Improves vocabulary and writing style

  • Spots and fixes basic grammar errors

  • Makes suggestions for content improvement in real-time


  • No free version

  • Users say it is relatively expensive

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Anyword - Best AI writing assistant for copywriters


Anyword is an AI writer that can generate high-quality content for all types of marketing copy, including articles, blogs, ad copy, and social media posts. Once the copy has been generated it can be edited, rephrased or completely rewritten depending on the target. As a competitor to Speedwrite, Anyword can perform the same rewriting function but is more copy-specific, to produce ad copy that ranks higher with more conversions.

A key feature is Anyword's predictive performance model, trained on billions of marketing data points, which provides a 0-100 performance score predicting how well the ad copy will perform on Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, and other marketing use cases. You can generate different versions of your copy and each time you can measure it against the performance score and choose the versions with the highest success factor.

Anyword offers a 7-day free trial with a 2500-word limit and limited features, which is enough to test it.


  • Unique predictive performance model

  • Produces more successful ad copy

  • High-quality writing output


  • No text-to-image generator

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Final Words

Many AI writing assistants can rewrite and paraphrase like Speed Write. We have chosen the top 10, all of which have their unique features, mostly improving on Speed Write’s limitations. In terms of recommendations, we would choose the top 2: HIX.AI for its rewriting strength, simple UI, and ease of use, and Jasper for its flexibility and variety of features. But after reading this article you will no doubt want to try some yourself and decide which one has the features that will best help you in your writing tasks.

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